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updated 10 January 2009


[Japsuki] [Sayokyoku] [FLOW] [Ich liebe dich]
[Musical Chairs] [Electric Cucumber] [Curtain of Red Wine]
[Vomit Noodles] [.::+SHCC's Azn Rock Planet+::.]
[Cometa] [O T E G A M I] [Modern Painkiller]
[stereo fixx] [Beyond Words] [Dance†Macabre]
[Hikki's Eternal Sleep] [CASSÈE MÈMOIRE] [Amoji]
[Fukai no Yami] [Zetsubou] [M E T R O P O L I S] [愛花]
[CHOU YUME] [STraNGe hAPpeNIngS] [Kapochi] [Tokyo Shinjuu]
[FLYING TEAPOT] [sugary sweet voice] [Symphonic]


A Swing Of The Hips Tip Taps Tip meganwilde Lyrical Show Time PARADISE take me your way Piano bar dispersal Silly Disco 甘い甘い Life in mono Musika DECAY 重力法~(*゜ー゜*)

pimp my rotation] [となり町] [rocktheplanet] [Headphone Clash] [Sugar Virus] [Variations on a Theme] [JPop Uploads] [ongaku_street] [supercosmic]
[Voiceless Screaming] [Much Love] [Deadly Nightshade] [Under Your Waves]

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Hey there, would you like to be affiliates with ://eatingGLASS? :D
Sure! *is very delighted* :D
I'll post up your link right away! ^-^
Awesome, thanks! I added your link as well. :D
Your layout is the best. xD;

Would you like to exchange links with Hard Lolita?
Thank you xD
I would love to! And thank you for asking! ^-^

Link Exchange

hey there~

I was wondering if you'd be interested in a link exchange.

The address of my site is: http://www.freewebs.com/superhumanchichi

The title of my site is: .::+SHCC's Azn Rock Planet+::.

The page in which your site was linked is: http://www.freewebs.com/superhumanchichi/links.html

Re: Link Exchange

I'm interested! :D

Your link is up! Thanks! ^^
Sure, I'd love to be affiliates!

I'm adding your link right now ^^



I've downloaded quite a few of the posted songs...and I love them all...thank you!

This is probably one of the best rotation sites ever...your song choices are very good!

Re: Hi

*beams* You're very welcome!
Hope you'll drop by again! :D
Thanks for visiting!
:D Would you like to be affiliates with rocktheplanet?
Sure, I'd love that! ^-^
Your link is up! :DD
^_^ Thank-you very much! & your link is up as well.
Want to affiliate with Variations on a Theme? It's not JRock-centered, but there's a little. :]


In your affiliates section, I clicked on the link that says eating glass and all it was was a porn add...


Thank you for telling me! I'll fix it right away!


orange range - viva rock is so much fun!
btw, can I request the ff:

Nightmare - the WORLD RULER - 10 - the FOOL
Nightmare - the WORLD RULER - 11 - Arumina

thanks yous! ^^


oh my wrong link!!! i didn't notice! forgive me plsss. ;_;
Haha, it's okay! No harm done! :D
Yeah! I love Orange Range! They're awesome! :DD

Sure! I'll post em up on the next rotation! ^^

Affiliate Request

Hey! MitsuiSelphie here. I've decided to make my LJ a personal journal so I've created a new community for music uploads. I'd like to request to be affiliated with you. Please check out ongaku_street

Thanks a lot!

Re: Affiliate Request

Okay! I'll remove your link and add ongaku_street as an affiliate. ^-^

Re: Affiliate Request


Sorry, will it be all right you still link to my personal journal (I'll keep your link too)? I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I won't be making it a personal journal, but instead a journal for J-music news and reviews, so it's still related. I hope that's all right. Thanks a lot!

Re: Affiliate Request

Ah, okay! I've just fixed it! :D
you've never hear of spank your juice? you should definitely check out the song "super love." its on youtube. the guitar is amazing and sugizo is so cute in the vid. his voice is very nice to listen to in it.
forgot, my avatar is actually from the pv of "super love."


wooooooooooooooot, wooooty!

Great songs as per usual! Hooray for Rice and the very cool Home Made Kazoku! If you could possibly upload any songs by Janne De Arc and Oblivion Dust in the future, I'd kiss your hand and wet myself simultaneously with joy!

---Cami-chan--- X

Re: wooooooooooooooot, wooooty!

Oh, I'll be happy to post up those two bands, they're among my favourites, particularly Oblivion Dust! (Ken Lloyd!!! *sigh* <3) I'll post a song by each on the next rotation for you! :D

Hi! I have a little MP3 rotation site, and, in an effort to increase its popularity, I'm finding people to exchange links with. Would you like to exchange links with me? It would be greatly appreciated. :3
The site's called "Much Love" and is located at:
If a button is required, that can be found at
I also have a lonely LJ community that celebrates Asian music artists' birthdays! It's (conveniently) called asianbirthdays! =D
Hi! I'm extremely sorry for my late reply! I've added your site to my links, and I'll announce our link exchange on my next rotation! :DDD

I wish you the best with your rotation!! *hugs* <3
Taking the abingdon boy's school and the UGLY GANG song. Thanks! ♥
You're welcome! ENJOY! :D
Hi~ I was wondering if you wanted to affiliates with me at my mp3 rotation? ^^ http://mp3.chaotic-peace.com
Hi! ( ゚▽゚)/

Ah, I have updated my link&affies section with your link! :D

Hopefully we'll both get more visitors, yesyes? ヾ( ´ー`)

yuh! Thank you so much<3 I'll add your link up right now ^^


Took D'espairs Ray and Dir en Grey
Your descriptions are awesome XD

Thank you so much!
You're very welcome! Hope you'll visit again in the future! :D



Thank you: )

hey=) superb site...thanks for putting up such awesome songs..'i wanna be down' totally roxx..
keep on keeping on.. and thanks for the apple:p

Re: Thank you: )

Yay, you visited! Thanks so much for dropping by! :D
Ah, I'm happy you enjoyed I WANNA BE DOWN because that song is among my favourites ever! ^__^
Haha! No problem! Drop by sometime - I enjoy talking to you! ^__^



apply for affie

hi there! wow u have a lotta songs! i might end up taking it all! wahahaha!
anyway, i would like to apply for an affiliate. my name's xelle and my url is: http://deadly-nightshade.kuroi-hoshi.org/

Re: apply for affie

Yay, thank you! :D Given that I only post occasionally, I felt I ought to post up more songs heh heh XD; I hoped you enjoyed whatever you snagged!

I've added you as an affie! Thanks!

Hello, I run underyouwaves, and was wondering if you would care to become affiliates? ^^
I apologize for my delay in replying! Of course -- I'd like that! I'll add you to my affie list right away! :D


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